Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response is run by a group of dedicated, experienced volunteers and without them would be unable to operate.


Lets start off with our Chairman.

Colin Hicks is our chairman, Colin has been a member for 16 years before being voted in as Chairman at our 2020 AGM

What Colin has to say.

Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response is my extended family. Having been with the group for 16 years what greater privilage is there than being trusted to lead a group of fantastic volunteers, who just want to make a difference, give something back and help out in times of need. But lets not forget, it is not all down to me, with out a fantastic team behind me non of this would be possible. Let me introduce you to the rest of the team who make Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response possible.




Adam Smith

Vice Chair

Stuart Hodgson


Mike Cochrane

Membership Secretary

Suzanne Horobin

General Secretary


 Pete Brown

Events Coordinatror

 Lisa Chant

Events Coordinator

John Townsend

Communications Specialist 

 Danny Floyde

Heath Safety Officer


Adrian Clemerson

IT Support

Matthew Attewell

Lead Controller