Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response is part of the 4x4 Response UK Group, a registered charity made up of similar groups of trained, insured and capable volunteers across the UK. We offer assistance as required by our user services, principally category 1 and category 2 responders, such as Police, Ambulance, Doctors and local authorities. This is often in extraordinary circumstances.


We are not an emergency service and we do not respond to calls directly from the public. In an emergency call 999 or the non-emergency number 101. 


What do we do?

With increased risk of flooding, extremes of weather and circumstances where remote locations or uneven terrain are involved the emergency and volunteer services often find themselves without the correct resources. Nottinghamshire 4X4 Response has been formed to provide this valuable support in these circumstances. Entirely staffed by volunteers we are on call to respond in all weathers, at all times of the day and night, 365 days of the year.


We also support a number of other charitable organisations during the quieter months. We support all kinds of events either to support another charity or by supporting other events to raise money for our organisation. Some testimonials from recent events can be found on the news page.


How do we do it?

At the heart of our operation is a team of four wheel drive vehicle owners who make their specialised driving skills and vehicles available for the benefit of the community across the extent of Nottinghamshire. Volunteers without a 4x4 perform crucial roles which include controllers involved 24 hours a day during call outs as well as many other support functions.


How do we train?

Our group works with volunteer agencies, emergency services and local authority emergency planning units on both live exercises and table-top simulations. It is of course important to have hands on experience and training regularly throughout the year. We carry out internal training to locally and nationally agreed standards. Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response provides additional assistance to local fun runs, marathons and a wide variety of other events whereby skills and operational procedures can be tried and tested. The majority of our responders have recently completed a BORDA intermediate driver training course to perfect and hone advanced driving techniques.


Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response is operated 100% by volunteers and donations. if you would like to support us and make a donation, any amount is greatly received and appreciated. Donations can be made using the donation button blow or at the top of the website.